Hi, I'm Emily.


I am currently a cofounder and the CTO at Shebooks, where we believe that every woman has a story. My partners, Peggy Northrop and Laura Fraser, started Shebooks as a platform to publish books -- by women, for women. They acquired my company, WriteBeta, after we united over an extremely compelling mutual vision to build a community of writers, editors and people who want to tell their stories.


I founded a web-based company in March 2014 called WriteBeta to connect people for crowdsourced editing, and to give freelance editors a place to build their reputation, portfolio and online presence. I also kept a blog on a few topics to document my experience and challenges. It was acquired by Shebooks and I began working with them as a cofounder and the CTO in March 2015

Previous Work

I worked as a Program Manager at Microsoft from 2010 to 2014, on the Office User Experience, Kinect for Windows, and Xbox One teams where I specialized in user experience design and human computer interaction.

Before that, I completed two college internships at Microsoft, one in Beijing, China doing user testing for Windows Phone 7, and one in Redmond, Washington, working in Office. Prior to that I did an internship at General Mills in the Information Systems department. I also was priveleged enough to have the opportunity to complete two high school internships at Microsoft during the summers of 2003 and 2004

Publications, Press, and Videos

Silicon Valley Business Journal, Feb 6, 2015: Women's Startup Lab's third class prepares for Silicon Valley's skewed environment

Thesis for Master of Science in Computer Science Degree at Washington University in St. Louis: A Thesis Towards Development of an Occupational Therapy Game System for Stroke Patients.

Seattle Business Magazine, January 2014 issue: The Birth of a Notion.

Xbox One Promotional Video: Your Xbox One.

As part of the Kinect for Windows team, I helped define and write the Human Interface Guidelines for speech and gesture based interactions for the first and second versions.


Every year I participate in a spring semester mentoring program called "Hunt the Wumpus" at a local high school. We help students code a computer game and in the process teach them the real-world skills of contributing to a large, group coding project.

I love to travel.

In my free time I take art and music classes.

I've participated in Rock and Roll Seattle half marathons in 2011 and 2012, the Lake Sammamish Triathlon in 2013, and the Wine Country Century ride in 2015.


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